IBM Big Interview - Hinchley Wood School

14:22 PM - 16 Aug 2018

Students “over the moon” with results! Miss Wiscombe says: “HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all Year 13s, a fantastic set of results – all the hard work has paid off!”

14:22 PM - 16 Aug 2018

5 Sixth Formers score a ‘full house’ of 3A*! Joe, Alice, Megan, ‘JJ’ and Anjali head for Cambridge, Bristol, Exeter, Leeds and Bath respectively…

14:22 PM - 16 Aug 2018

Record breaking A Level results! Students, staff AND parents are celebrating record breaking results: 35% A/A* grades; 90% A*-B; 90% A*-C Well done everyone!

12:28 PM - 5 Aug 2018

Retweeted From HWS PE Dept

Congratulations Bryn on your debut!

12:27 PM - 5 Aug 2018

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Congratulations Felix 👍🏼🙌

04:35 AM - 5 Aug 2018

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Team has successfully finished their in congratulations!

IBM Big Interview

The Year 10 IBM Big Interview event takes place on Tuesday 3 July 2018

STEPS for Year 10 is available for students in FROG/Subjects/Careers/Important Documents on the school intranet.  Students can also access Fast Tomato  which is a psychometric test to help students objectively identify job roles which may be of interest to them.  The pass code is in the same area on FROG.

Please see below for links to support documents and information.


Page Downloads Date  
1. IBM Big Interview Letter to Parents 21st Jun 2018 Download
3. Selecting a Job 19th Jun 2018 Download
4. Application Form 19th Jun 2018 Download
5. Example Cover Letter 19th Jun 2018 Download
6. Personal Appearance Tips 19th Jun 2018 Download
2. Intro Presentation 19th Jun 2018 Download
7. Star Technique 19th Jun 2018 Download
8. Successful Job College Interviews 19th Jun 2018 Download
9. FROG Resources 19th Jun 2018 Download