15:49 PM - 21 Jun 2018

As another year of GCSEs finish today, a very heartfelt WELL DONE to all of our Year 11 students who have worked so hard this year! See you at the Celebration Assembly next Thursday at 9am and the Prom later at 7pm! SH

07:26 AM - 21 Jun 2018

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Diary Date: Hinchley Wood School Summer Carnival, Saturday 23 June 1.30pm - 4.30pm. As well as the usual fair attractions and entertainment, the school will also host their Novelty Dog Show. Grab your pooches for lots of...

07:26 AM - 21 Jun 2018

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Loose Women reminding us to support Hinchley Wood School's Summer Carnival! 😂

16:21 PM - 15 Jun 2018

Retweeted From Diversity Role Models

Wishing all our volunteers, supporters and followers Eid Mubarak

16:20 PM - 15 Jun 2018

Well done to all involved!

17:55 PM - 11 Jun 2018

Well done boys!

17:54 PM - 11 Jun 2018

Retweeted From Pembroke Mountain

Congrats to Annabel on winning her first Surrey Championship in the SG 800m.

18:18 PM - 7 Jun 2018

Retweeted From Music

Our new soundcloud playlist, featuring recordings from our recent trad Jazz Night! Listen to some New Orleans-inspired sounds here:

20:27 PM - 6 Jun 2018

Retweeted From Hinchley

Year 10 trip to The lyric to see Fatherland. Epic. A must see! Our students are ace!

12:21 PM - 6 Jun 2018

Playlist of recordings of the Jazz Night on 3rd May

IBM Big Interview

The Year 10 IBM Big Interview event takes place on Tuesday 3 July 2018

STEPS for Year 10 is available for students in FROG/Subjects/Careers/Important Documents on the school intranet.  Students can also access Fast Tomato  which is a psychometric test to help students objectively identify job roles which may be of interest to them.  The pass code is in the same area on FROG.

Please see below for links to support documents and information.


Page Downloads Date  
1. IBM Big Interview Letter to Parents 21st Jun 2018 Download
3. Selecting a Job 19th Jun 2018 Download
4. Application Form 19th Jun 2018 Download
5. Example Cover Letter 19th Jun 2018 Download
6. Personal Appearance Tips 19th Jun 2018 Download
2. Intro Presentation 19th Jun 2018 Download
7. Star Technique 19th Jun 2018 Download
8. Successful Job College Interviews 19th Jun 2018 Download
9. FROG Resources 19th Jun 2018 Download

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