16:20 PM - 13 Dec 2017

Rehearsals are well under way for the Sixth Form Panto next week (oooh nooo they're not) (ooooh yes they are)!!

14:28 PM - 8 Dec 2017

Well done to Y11 who have done the first two days of their GCSE mock exams!

22:08 PM - 3 Dec 2017

PRE visit: well done to Y10 who have been a delight to travel with this weekend. They have worked hard, listened, learnt and seen for themselves evidence of horrific human acts. And now to bed!

22:05 PM - 3 Dec 2017

Retweeted From Kath

Will never forget meeting an Auschwitz survivor. Will never forget the tattoo on her arm or her story

10:47 AM - 3 Dec 2017

PRE visit: excellent exhibition at the Galicia Jewish museum followed by student workshops and a meeting with an Auschwitz survivor, a former child prisoner who was a subject of Dr Mengele's experiments, who told us about her story and showed us her number tattoo. Very moving.

06:23 AM - 3 Dec 2017

Retweeted From Sue Davison

This will be one of the most memorable school trips Hinchley Wood students will make in their school years.

21:31 PM - 2 Dec 2017

PRE visit: back at the hotel after nearly 16 hours out. Mr B's gadget says we have walked 11.1 miles, Mr C's says 11km. In any case it's been a good but hard day. Very moving visit to Auschwitz this morning, students laid candles and had a moment of reflection at the memorials.

12:30 PM - 2 Dec 2017

PRE visit: moving visit and moment of reflection at Birkenau. Now back to Krakow for a bit of down time before visiting Schindler's factory

07:46 AM - 2 Dec 2017

PRE visit: starting our tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau

20:10 PM - 1 Dec 2017

Successful first day in Krakow for the PRE visit - walked at least six miles, had lush food and learnt lots. Hopefully an earlyish night before our visit to the Auschwitz museum tomorrow.

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