20:23 PM - 20 Dec 2018

Hear, hear! Well done to all for a fab show! https://t.co/fUlgyBe882


16:37 PM - 20 Dec 2018

Retweeted From Hinchley

Full swing with rehearsals! Great commitment from Abi! Wizard of Oz (Probably Goes Wrong) TONIGHT! 6.15PM https://t.co/qwmYm7IprG


16:37 PM - 20 Dec 2018

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Awwwww! We're off to see the wizard... https://t.co/LNHCArkcGN


20:47 PM - 18 Dec 2018

Y10 are enjoying the excellent Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time - such a powerful show! https://t.co/udvIhEV9R0


21:33 PM - 17 Dec 2018

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Is it really that time of year, already? Oh, YES it IS! https://t.co/ekiteVNGvG


07:49 AM - 17 Dec 2018

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21:15 PM - 13 Dec 2018

Retweeted From Music@StMaryStokeDab

Do come and listen to HWS students Derik, Ella, Maddie-Jo, Sam, Sophie & William sing in our Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols on Sunday 16 December at 6pm. All welcome to join us for sherry & mince pies after the service in the hall. https://t.co/ODIdiU0sCT


19:50 PM - 12 Dec 2018

Well done & thank you to the families of Year 10 - this is just some of the produce that you've collected for the East Elmbridge/Esher branch of the food bank - such a worthy cause helping our local community - amazing community spirit at Christmas time! https://t.co/wOmT2Xj79x

20:13 PM - 7 Dec 2018

It was our pleasure to host you - we are looking forward to our Student Equalities Groups being able to do work together in the future! https://t.co/Lj69VbL0tz

06:38 AM - 7 Dec 2018

Well done to all involved, and thanks for organising a great event! https://t.co/Dp6VeFc0gm

Exam Results


In 2018, we are delighted to be able to report that our students achieved record breaking results in both GCSE and A Level examinations.  The respective value added/progress measures for those students who completed Year 11 and Year 13 in Summer 2018, place Hinchley Wood School in the top 100 schools and colleges in England. 

Of the cohort of 113 students who completed Year 13 in Summer 2018, 36% of all A Level grades were achieved at A/A*, 67% A*-B and 90% A*-C (our best set of results as a school for all three measures).  5 students achieved a clean sweep of 3 A* A Level grades!  Such fantastic results ensured that every single Year 13 student who wanted to go to University did so - accepted by their first or reserve choice - their path of their choice at the country’s leading universities (including 45% of the cohort heading off to a Russell Group University).  Please see the link below for a more detailed breakdown of Hinchley Wood School A Level results. 

Our GCSE results saw 92% of the cohort achieve 5 or more GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including English & Maths with 82% achieving a Grade 5 or above in both English and Maths.  48.7% of all grades were achieved at Grade 7 or above with 25.5% at Grades 8 or 9. 43% of the Year 11 cohort entered the EBacc suite of qualifications achieving an average points score of 5.74.   In achieving an Attainment 8 measure score of 63.4 points, GCSE outcomes for Hinchley Wood students ranked amongst the top performing schools in Surrey.    Students of all abilities and backgrounds performed exceptionally well with our Progress 8 value added measure of +0.91 (which indicates the progress made by our students from the start of Year 7 to the end of Year 11) placing the performance of our students in the top 5% of schools in England and ensuring that 95% of our students stayed in education or employment after completing their Key Stage 4 studies.  Please click on the links below for a more detailed breakdown of Hinchley Wood School GCSE results.

GCSE Results

A Level Results


In 2017, the cohort of 110 students achieved 27% A or A* grades, 60% A*-B grades and 85% A*-C  grades (matching our best set of results as a school for the latter two measures).   

109 of these achieved at least two A Level passes with 43 students achieving three or more A*-B grades, 12 students achieving three or more A*-A grades and two students achieving A* grades in all three A Level subjects.

Such success opened doors to the future for our “Class of 2017” whether that was a University  place (with all 92 students who wished to go to Uni this September being successful, including 38% heading off to a Russell Group University), an apprenticeship or moving into the workplace.  Please see links below for a more detailed breakdown of HinchleyWood School results.

A detailed breakdown of HinchleyWood School results and school performance is available on the Department for Education website: http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/performance/

2017 GCSE Results

2017 A Level Results