11:46 AM - 19 Jun 2017

Due to exams, the 1 minute silence today for those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy will be at 12.05pm.

07:58 AM - 19 Jun 2017

Retweeted From HWS Student Leaders

Calling all Y10 @ HWS: exciting Leadership opportunities available, details in assembly this week!

15:57 PM - 8 Jun 2017

The results are in! Here is how HWS students & staff votes in today's mock election. Is this an early indication of the national picture?

10:38 AM - 8 Jun 2017

Mr Holmes has cast his vote in the HWS Mock Election. Have you voted yet?

09:43 AM - 8 Jun 2017

Students and staff will be casting their votes in the HWS Mock Election today. Watch this space - will the HWS agree with the Nation?

15:13 PM - 7 Jun 2017

Mock election taking place tomorrow - results will be announced Friday morning in time for discussion during AM registration

11:49 AM - 26 May 2017

Years 7 – 10 will be taking part in a Hinchley Wood Mock Election to mirror the General Election

12:38 PM - 19 May 2017

Online donations have gone over £2000 to sponsor the education of a child in Uganda for a year!

15:47 PM - 18 May 2017

Uganda Fund on-line donations £1800+ can we reach £2000 by half term?

11:00 AM - 10 May 2017

We are delighted to report that donations for the Gulu 'Sponsor a Child' Appeal has raised £844 as of today. Thank you!

Exam Results

A detailed breakdown of Hinchley Wood School results and school performance is available on the Department for Education website:

2016 Results HeadlinesA level results 2016 3

The 2016 GCSE results were the second best ever for the school with 82% of students achieving five or more A*-C s including English and Maths (with 84% of students in the cohort achieving a C Grade or above in both English and Maths).  There were many tremendous individual achievements, including 11 A*s for one student, and a total of 12 students who achieved 10 or more A* and A grades.  Overall 35% of grades were A*/A and 64% were A*-B. 

A level results 2016 2Particularly pleasing is that 89% of students made three levels of progress in English and 86% of students made three levels of progress in Maths since joining the school in Year 7.  37% of our students achieved the English Baccalaureate (compared to a national average of 22.8% and the Surrey average of 30.4%).  These outcomes secured a 2016 Progress 8 figure of +0.31 (which placed the achievements of our students in the top 30% of school’s nationally) and an Attainment 8 score of 58.4 points (well above the national average of 48.2 points and the Surrey average of 52.7 points).  It has been fantastic to see students of all abilities achieving so well, especially in a year when GCSE results have fallen nationally. 

The School’s A2 results for 2016 were once again very impressive with 28% of all grades achieved at A or A*, 58% A*-B and 80% A*-C.  18 of the 113 students in Year 13 achieved three or more A*-A grades with every student achieving the threshold measure by achieving at least two L3 passes (A Level or equivalent).  As a result, the vast majority of our students have secured places at their first choice university. 

AS results were also extremely pleasing with Year 12 students achieving the school’s best set of results for five years with 47% of all results graded A-B and 71% A-C. 

We are extremely proud of the excellent achievements of our students in the Class of 2016 and wish them every success in their future education and careers.

2016 Exam Results

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