15:50 PM - 18 Mar 2018

School will be open as normal tomorrow / Monday 19th March

11:15 AM - 16 Mar 2018

Yesterday was the BBC School Report - please view amazing reporting by the students at

18:33 PM - 13 Mar 2018


Spanish Exchange 🇪🇸⛸good frindships being forged

18:32 PM - 13 Mar 2018

Retweeted From Music

Spring Concert Tuesday 20th March - 6:30pm. Tickets on sale.

18:27 PM - 13 Mar 2018


Thanks for a very competitive U13 ⚽️ game. Look forward to more in the future 👍🏼💪🏼💚⚽️

11:22 AM - 12 Mar 2018

Retweeted From Freemen's Sport

Thanks to for participating in our outreach day, hopefully this break in rain will continue ☔ 🏉

13:20 PM - 9 Mar 2018

Highlights from our annual concert in association with the Royal College of Music. Featuring the Hinchley Wood School Orchestra and students from the Royal College of Music. Special thanks to our guest conductor Christopher McMullen-Laird

15:18 PM - 8 Mar 2018

Retweeted From HWSMFL

This afternoon we have met our exchange partners again, met the mayor, been on the roof of the town hall to look at the City, had our photo taken for the local paper and now the partners have collected our students to go back to their families. Lessons at 7.45 tomorrow morning!

10:51 AM - 8 Mar 2018

Retweeted From HWSMFL

The German exchange group are on the train to Wolfsburg, the students are excited and planning some useful phrases for when we arrive :)

10:50 AM - 8 Mar 2018

Retweeted From HWSMFL

And we're off! Geared up for a wunderbar weekend of Deutsch with our exchange!

Exams Information

Please see links below for policies and regulations relating to examinations at Hinchley Wood School; please see left hand column for candidate information.

Year 10 Internal Exams Letter

Summer Exams Timetables

Please note: These timetables are for information only.  Students will receive their own personalised timetable electronically around Easter once the seating plans have been completed.  These will identify special arrangements for students with access arrangements or timetable clashes, and also tell students which room and seat number they have been allocated for each exam.

Summer Exams Timetable Summer 2018

GCSE Exams Timetable Summer 2018

A Level Exams Timetable Summer 2018

Year 12 Summer Exams

  • Year 12 end of year exams will take place Monday 25 - Friday 29 June 2018.
  • There will also be a number of internal class exams during the previous week 18 - 22 June 2018.
  • Science AS external exam dates are shown in the A Level Exam Timetable above.


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Exam Access Arrangements Policy 11th Jul 2017 Download
Native Speaker/Community Language Examin... 27th Sep 2017 Download