14:12 PM - 21 Sep 2018

Great turnout for our first of the year watching - the picture quality on our new projection system is incredible - and we still have space for more viewers next week! Also, why not join our Film Club online? You can request future films. Details from Mr H!

13:21 PM - 21 Sep 2018

Retweeted From Steven Chapman PE

Really insightful and helpful talk by about SEND pupils!

22:35 PM - 20 Sep 2018

Retweeted From About Thames Ditton

Sports Awards this evening. What a privilege to hear guest speaker, British explorer, tell her story. This incredible lady inspired the kids, parents and teachers with her motivational speech.

22:34 PM - 20 Sep 2018

Retweeted From HWS PE Dept

What a fantastic sports awards evening. Huge thanks to for her inspirational words and well done to all of our students on their achievements 🙌🏽

17:49 PM - 20 Sep 2018

We are very much looking forward to hosting 60 students from tomorrow for a conference on - and interested to read their thoughts, reflections and questions on the hashtag

16:35 PM - 19 Sep 2018

Film Club starts back tomorrow! 1.40-3.30pm in the Main Hall, open to all students in Y7-10. Come along! Bring lunch/snacks. Our first film is Ender's Game, one of Mr Holmes' favourites! Film Club is every Friday after school in the Main Hall and is supported by

18:16 PM - 16 Sep 2018

Retweeted From HWS PE Dept

Just a couple of days left to buy Sports Awards Evening tickets. Please remember a ticket is needed for the student as well as an additional ticket if they are bringing a parent/carer.

10:38 AM - 15 Sep 2018

Hello , very sorry to hear about this and thanks for bringing it to our attention. Could you possibly take a photo of it and send it to us in a DM so we can get it fixed? Alternatively please send it in an email to Many thanks!

21:40 PM - 12 Sep 2018

Retweeted From HWS PE Dept

HWS PE department are looking for raffle/auction prizes for their upcoming Sports Awards evening. If there are any local businesses who feel they may be able to donate a prize we would be very grateful and happy to recognise their support.

21:39 PM - 12 Sep 2018

Retweeted From HWS PE Dept

First fixture of the year today and the first W on the board. Congratulations to our 6th form boys who ran out 4-0 winners against Glyn. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Governing Board

Hinchley Wood became an academy on 1st February 2012.  This means that we are an academy trust and a registered company, limited by guarantee. 


Six governors were originally appointed as members of the Academy Trust and signed a Memorandum of Association.  Members meet as required and at least once a year.

Current Members are:


Miss Claudette Atkinson

Mr Peter Drysdale

Mr Robert Mutchell

Mr Andy Sellers

Mr Marc Weedon

Co-Chair of Governors

Responsible Trustee

Chair of Finance & Resources Committee

Co-Chair of Governors

Vice-Chair of Governors




The Governing Board remains the employer and the admissions authority and the land and buildings are held in trust by the trustees (governors).  The Governing Board is made up of up to 20 governors who have been appointed as directors of the company.  Governors have entered into a Funding Agreement with the Department for Education which includes the Memorandum and Articles of Association for the Company.  A copy of this document can be accessed via this link 

The Governing Board continues to work in partnership with the Headteacher, staff, parents and students to raise standards of achievement.  The Governing Board has a strong focus on three core strategic functions:  ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its students, and the performance management of staff; and overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.  Our Governing Board meets five times a year and has established four main committees, each with its own agreed terms of reference - Admissions, Finance & Resources, Human Resources and Student Learning & Welfare.  A Governors Conference is held annually and governors are also involved with visits to school and regularly support special events.

Governors are either elected or appointed:  Parent Governors are elected from the parent body; the Governing Board appoints Co-opted Governors; school staff nominate and elect Staff Governors; the Headteacher is an Ex-Officio Governor; two governors are appointed by the Hinchley Wood Education Trust (HWET); up to six governors are appointed by Members.  Individual governors have no powers themselves and always act corporately.  The governors’ term of office is four years.

Current Governing Board membership is as follows:



Mr Paul Camp

Mrs Alison Cruthers

Ms Lucy Richardson

Mr Nick Weston-Jones


Miss Claudette Atkinson (Co-Chair of Governors)

Professor Becky Francis

Mr Robert Mutchell

Mr Andy Sellers (Co-Chair of Governors)

Ms Karen Walker

Mr Marc Weedon (Vice-Chair of Governors)




Mr Peter Drysdale

Mrs June Hall

Mr Stuart Holmes

Mr Tim Smytheman



Mr Alexander Wright

Mr Jonathan Ross

Mr Ben Bartlett


The following appointments were made during 2017-18:  Mrs Sarah Mulder appointed 5 September 2017 as HWET Appointed Governor; Ms Karen Walker re-appointed 3 December 2017 as Member Appointed Governor; Mr Robert Mutchell re-appointed 17 December 2017 as Member Appointed Governor; Mr Tim Smytheman appointed 9 January 2018 as Staff Governor; Mrs Alison Cruthers appointed 31 January 2018 as Parent Governor; Ms Lucy Richardson appointed 6 March 2018 as Parent Governor; Mrs June Hall appointed 9 May 2018 as HWET Appointed Governor. 

The following resignations were received during 2017-18:  Mrs Sarah Mulder - appointed 5 September 2017, resigned 28 September 2017; Mr Michael Collier - appointed 23 November 2009, resigned 10 October 2017; Mrs Louise Stamp - appointed 11 November 2013, resigned 19 October 2017; Mrs June Hall - appointed 17 December 2013, term of office expired 16 December 2017; Mrs Alison Cruthers - appointed 19 December 2013, term of office expired 18 December 2017; Mrs Angela Bowden Litster - appointed 7 January 2014, term of office expired 6 January 2018. 

The following appointments have been made during 2018-19:  Mr Marc Weedon re-appointed on 10 September 2018 as a Member Appointed Governor.  Full details of terms of office of all governors are included in the link on the left hand side of this page.

Attendance at Governing Board Meetings (September 2017- July 2018):




Claudette Atkinson 4 6
Ben Bartlett 6 6
Angela Bowden Litster 3 3
Paul Camp 6 6
Michal Collier 1 1
Alison Cruthers 6 6
Peter Drysdale 5 6
Becky Francis 4 6
June Hall 2 4
Stuart Holmes 5 6
Robert Mutchell 5 6
Lucy Richardson 2 2
Jonathan Ross 3 6
Andy Sellers 5 6
Tim Smytheman 4 4
Louise Stamp 2 2
Karen Walker 6 6
Marc Weedon 4 6
Nick Weston-Jones 5 6
Alex Wright 4 6


The Admissions Committee meets as required;  Finance & Resources Committee five times a year;  Human Resources and Student Learning & Welfare Committees three times a year.  Attendance at meetings in the last academic year (2017-18) was as follows:






Claudette Atkinson 4 4
Ben Bartlett 7 7
Angela Bowden Litster 3 3
Alison Cruthers 6 7
Andy Sellers 5 7
Karen Walker 7 7

FINANCE & RESOURCES COMMITTEE  (Chair - Robert Mutchell)

Claudette Atkinson 1 5
Ben Bartlett 5 5
Peter Drysdale 5 5
June Hall 3 4
Robert Mutchell 5 5
Tim Smytheman 2 3
Louise Stamp 1 1
Karen Walker 2 3


Ben Bartlett 3 3
Paul Camp 3 3
Alison Cruthers 3 3
Lucy Richardson 1 1
Marc Weedon 1 3
Nick Weston-Jones 1 3


Ben Bartlett 3 3
Angela Bowden Litster 1 1
Becky Francis 1 3
Stuart Holmes 3 3
Jon Ross 3 3
Nick Weston-Jones 3 3
Alex Wright 0 3


Copies of the Report and Finance Statements for Year Ended 31 August 2017 and the Register of Business/Pecuniary Interests can be accessed via the links on the left hand side of this page.


The Hinchley Wood School Governors can be contacted via the Clerk, Mrs Eileen Walsh:

Tel:  020 8398 7161 ext 109   Email:

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