15:26 PM - 7 Aug 2019

Thank you to all the parents / carers for giving the students such a lovely welcome at Heathrow and for your support since the trip launched! We (the teachers) had a great time and are proud of all the students!

13:51 PM - 7 Aug 2019

Have most of the bags, we won't be long (hopefully)

13:13 PM - 7 Aug 2019

We have just landed, see you all once we get through customs and baggage reclaim ✈✈✈

03:46 AM - 7 Aug 2019

First two legs of journey are over, both teams are currently in Doha awaiting our final flight, no delays thankfully... See you in Heathrow at 1.45pm next to Costa Coffee 👍


01:12 AM - 5 Aug 2019

Team 2 have survived the jungle! The students have done brilliantly and are back in KK for a well deserved R&R day of snorkelling 🐢🧘‍♀️ https://t.co/l6vQtjqDFM


08:33 AM - 2 Aug 2019

Team one clearing one of the ox bow lakes overcome with the zativa weed in the Borneon Jungle https://t.co/v2xZySCPvj


15:39 PM - 31 Jul 2019

Team one arrived at Kinabatagan yesterday for their KOPEL project and have spent today collecting and planting seeds to help grow more trees in areas of the jungle affected by deforestation. It's been a hot but productive day! 🌲🌿 https://t.co/8gRz1aci3N


09:44 AM - 29 Jul 2019

Team one have survived the jungle! We are back in Kota Kinabalu feeling very refreshed and clean https://t.co/ZV6peDebB8


01:51 AM - 28 Jul 2019

Our time at KOPEL has come to an end. The students’ experience here will be one they will not forget and they are so grateful for the community’s hospitality 🐒🍃🚤 https://t.co/CcBE1UxKYH


13:14 PM - 24 Jul 2019

Team one are enjoying our penultimate night in Survivor school before we brave the jungle! https://t.co/7oTi47wqba

Latest News

Posted on: 18/06/2018

Valuing Equality, Celebrating Diversity - June was Pride Month

A change of logo and a rainbow flag flying outside the school were two initiatives suggested by the student-led Equalities Group to support of Pride Month.  

An internationally recognised awareness campaign, Pride Month ran throughout June and celebrated the growing rights and freedom of expression for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning (LGBTQ+) people.  

The whole school community has been involved in a programme of activities leading up to Pride Month, including 'Diversity Role Models' (an organisation that promotes acceptance of people who identify as LGBQ) sessions for students and staff training on tackling examples of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic language within school.

Whilst students, staff, governors and parents alike have been encouraged to take part in the "I'm Proud" poster campaign; the school is now adorned with posters created by people who are happy to share something of which they are particularly proud, with the rest of the school community.

Mr Holmes has been supporting the Equalities Group: "We believe Pride Month is important because, as a school community, we value equality, actively promote inclusion and celebrate diversity all year round."