15:22 PM - 2 Jul 2020

This is this weeks Assembly by Mr Murray https://t.co/94XGdOtSvr

14:16 PM - 2 Jul 2020

“Please see the link below for the ‘Virtual Introduction talk for Parents/Carers of new joiners in 2020’ Video that we have created. This can also be viewed within the Y6 Transition area of our website.” https://t.co/vE16QKMpy3

09:31 AM - 2 Jul 2020

“We are pleased to share our Year 7 Induction Video for 2020. We can’t wait to meet all of our new Year 7 students and we hope this video will give you a flavour of life here at Hinchley Wood School” https://t.co/PVMJ3ROMjw

15:42 PM - 1 Jul 2020

The winner and runners up for the Languages Art Competition - winner is Evie Yr 8 and the runners up are: Ethan Yr 10, Lily Yr 7, Ania Yr 8, Joshua and Brooke Yr 7. Prizes to follow. Thank you to all for the excellent entries! Look out Languages Competition which is food related!


10:02 AM - 1 Jul 2020

Here is an excellent example of a flyer - students were asked to create a leaflet advertising a place of pilgrimage - this flyer looks professional and certainly made me want to go to Lourdes! https://t.co/fiqh5AAKtn


10:00 AM - 1 Jul 2020

"Here is an excellent example of revision this week - this student has made excellent use of the Clock method; he has clearly highlighted key areas to focus on and will be very prepared for his test!" https://t.co/3eXISGVfCa


09:35 AM - 1 Jul 2020

"More great MFL work for Wonderful Work Wednesday!" https://t.co/pDVjRagORe

Latest News

Posted on: 22/08/2019

Outstanding Results for Hinchley Wood School!

Year 11 students at Hinchley Wood School are once again celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE results. 90% of the cohort achieved 5 or more GCSEs at Grade 4 and above with 87% of the cohort achieved the same benchmark including a Grade 4 or better in both English and Maths. With 42% of all grades achieved at Grade 7 and above, and more than 150 top Grade 9s, Hinchley Wood students will be celebrating a superb set of results this afternoon!

Outstanding individual performances this summer include Grace Chilton who achieved nine grade 9s and one grade A in her GCSE subjects. Grace, who is staying on to study A Levels at Hinchley Wood 6th Form, said “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my results. I started crying immediately. Everyone was so happy for me and it was lovely to hear about all of my friends’ amazing results. I can’t thank all my teachers and Mrs Adams enough for their support. I still feel like this is a dream.”

Many staff members, parents and carers were in school this morning to congratulate the students as they opened their results. Lars Soderberg said “I felt so relieved and ecstatic when I opened my results. I was so happy that the effort I put in was reflected in my results” and Soraya Haynes said “I couldn’t believe how well I’d done, I nearly cried.”

Heather Adams, Head of Learning for Year 11 said “I am so proud of the students and their fantastic GCSE results. As a year group the students really pushed themselves this year. They thoroughly deserved to do well and their hard work has certainly paid off. I would like to say massive congratulations to all of our Year 11 students, and a huge thank you to the parents, carers and staff who supported them through their GCSE studies.”