18:41 PM - 18 Feb 2020

Into the glacier 🧊🥶❄️

18:43 PM - 16 Feb 2020

Geography ‘rocks’ in Iceland 🌋❄️🌊

13:25 PM - 20 Dec 2019

"Really proud of Y7 who supported donations to the local Foodbank this year rather than giving each other secret Santa presents. Well done and thank you! Mr Jacks"

10:30 AM - 16 Dec 2019

Well done to all pupils who have competed for their houses in various events this first term. Current scores are;

08:49 AM - 13 Dec 2019

To mirror the 12 December General Election, students voted in exactly the same format yesterday morning in school with very interesting results! See the news article on the school website for more information.

12:11 PM - 6 Dec 2019

Well done to all who competed this week in Boys House Football. Results over all years; 1st Luther King with 120 pts, Joint 2nd Hawking & Nightingale with 110 pts and 3rd Frank with 100 pts

11:17 AM - 2 Dec 2019

Friday the Yr 13 composition workshop that took place with Dani Howard (award winning composer) and Mike Poyser . It was an amazing opportunity for the students to work with them both and feel inspired to work on their A Level compositions.

17:38 PM - 19 Nov 2019

Rehearsals at the Rose Theatre in Kingston were superb. Students were exceptional and are ready for tonight’s performance.

22:59 PM - 8 Nov 2019

Year 9 students on the WW1 Battlefields visit are due to arrive back to school at around 23:45. The staff would like to thank the students for an excellent visit.

Latest News

Posted on: 18/11/2019

Philosophy, Religion & Ethics Essay Challenge

In Philosophy and Religious Ethics this half term, we challenged pupils in Year’s 7,8 and 9 to respond to a challenging philosophical problem around the concept of evil and suffering. We asked students “Does the existence of suffering in the world mean that God does not exist?”

We had a good number of entries across the year groups but in the end, three outstanding students were selected as our top philosophers. Second and Third place went to two students in Year 9 who wrote passionately about the subject, but our star philosopher was Elena  in Year 7. She researched several different philosophical views about evil and suffering and answered the question by evaluating different viewpoints, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of this complex issue.

Elena won a large bag of sweets and a limited edition of the novel ‘Sophie’s World’ which explores the history and development of philosophy through the eyes of Sophie, a young girl living in England.

Well done to all of those who entered and a special well done to our top three winners.

If you would like to read their essays, please CLICK HERE