15:26 PM - 7 Aug 2019

Thank you to all the parents / carers for giving the students such a lovely welcome at Heathrow and for your support since the trip launched! We (the teachers) had a great time and are proud of all the students!

13:51 PM - 7 Aug 2019

Have most of the bags, we won't be long (hopefully)

13:13 PM - 7 Aug 2019

We have just landed, see you all once we get through customs and baggage reclaim ✈✈✈

03:46 AM - 7 Aug 2019

First two legs of journey are over, both teams are currently in Doha awaiting our final flight, no delays thankfully... See you in Heathrow at 1.45pm next to Costa Coffee 👍


01:12 AM - 5 Aug 2019

Team 2 have survived the jungle! The students have done brilliantly and are back in KK for a well deserved R&R day of snorkelling 🐢🧘‍♀️ https://t.co/l6vQtjqDFM


08:33 AM - 2 Aug 2019

Team one clearing one of the ox bow lakes overcome with the zativa weed in the Borneon Jungle https://t.co/v2xZySCPvj


15:39 PM - 31 Jul 2019

Team one arrived at Kinabatagan yesterday for their KOPEL project and have spent today collecting and planting seeds to help grow more trees in areas of the jungle affected by deforestation. It's been a hot but productive day! 🌲🌿 https://t.co/8gRz1aci3N


09:44 AM - 29 Jul 2019

Team one have survived the jungle! We are back in Kota Kinabalu feeling very refreshed and clean https://t.co/ZV6peDebB8


01:51 AM - 28 Jul 2019

Our time at KOPEL has come to an end. The students’ experience here will be one they will not forget and they are so grateful for the community’s hospitality 🐒🍃🚤 https://t.co/CcBE1UxKYH


13:14 PM - 24 Jul 2019

Team one are enjoying our penultimate night in Survivor school before we brave the jungle! https://t.co/7oTi47wqba

Governing Board Sub-Committees:

Finance & Resources Committee

Committee meets five times a year


  • Monitor the financial administration of the school and ensure compliance with the ‘Academies Financial Handbook’; approve the annual budget; set priorities and oversee the financial strategy; provide guidance on the level of reserves that should be held; monitor the school’s actual financial performance compared to the agreed budget, approve any necessary remedial action and provide termly management accounts to the Governing Body (GB).
  • Maintain good communication with the other GB committees; provide financial implications for any future spending plans and employment legislation.
  • Monitor financial procedures and ensure these and related IT systems are able to meet the accounting needs of the school and comply with legislation.
  • Review:  compliance with HMRC and VAT requirements and pension’s legislation; the Academy’s Financial Procedures Manual (annually); levels of insurance (annually).
  • Advise the GB on unbudgeted spending plans that are outside the Committee’s delegated powers.
  • Take the lead on Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning.
  • Agree the school’s draft financial accounts and trustees.


  • Determine and review current/future capital projects linked to the School Improvement Plan (SIP).
  • Establish and monitor a Strategic Plan for the estate covering capital, maintenance, health and safety and accessibility elements.
  • Monitor, supervise and approve tendering.
  • Establish a Capital Management Sub-Committee to consider, review and make recommendations on projects.


  • Maintain strategic oversight of the management, condition and cleaning of the school buildings, services, equipment, grounds and boundaries.
  • Ensure an appropriate Asset Register(s) is maintained and monitored annually.


  • Maintain strategic oversight of Health and Safety issues including provision of information to staff, training for staff, supervision and reporting procedures and site security.
  • Nominate named governors to monitor and review annual areas of SIP focus, as deemed appropriate, and Health & Safety.


  • Focus on relevant SIP and SEF areas; monitor and evaluate progress towards identified priorities.
  • Receive updates on local and national initiatives, changes in the law and educational policy as appropriate.
  • Review and approve all finance and resources related policies in line with statutory requirements.


Student Learning & Welfare

Committee meets three times a year


  • Agree, monitor and review the curriculum to ensure a balanced and broadly based curriculum is provided, including English, Mathematics and Science.
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of quality of teaching and learning on rates of progress and standards of achievement by all students.
  • Receive reports on student progress related priorities, following detailed analysis of exam results by the Governing Body; monitor intervention strategies and expected outcomes for identified subject areas.
  • Monitor and evaluate provision for all sub-groups of learners including: looked after, alternative provision, Pupil Premium, Catch Up Premium, SEND and other identified sub-groups as appropriate; ensure all needs have been identified and addressed and evaluate progress and achievement.
  • Monitor and review the provision of:  sex and relationship education; religious education; physical education; independent careers guidance and promote British values and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students.
  • Review arrangements for handling complaints concerning the curriculum and other concerns from parents.
  • Monitor and review safeguarding and child protection arrangements, with particular reference to the Prevent Strategy and Child Sexual Exploitation.
  • Receive detailed student progress reports on behaviour, exclusions and attendance with specific reports from Chair of Student Discipline Committee as deemed appropriate.
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of the school’s assessment policy and procedures.
  • Receive reports on subject reviews.
  • Focus on relevant School Improvement Plan (SIP) and SEF areas and monitor and evaluate progress towards identified priorities; nominate named governors to monitor and review annual areas of SIP focus as deemed appropriate and Child Protection/Safeguarding, SEND and Pupil Premium.
  • Receive updates on local and national initiatives, changes in the law and educational policy as appropriate.
  • Monitor annual publication of equality data and ensure all students have equal opportunities.
  • Approve and review all curriculum and student related policies in line with statutory requirements,  other recommendations and monitor the implementation and impact of the review schedule.



Committee meets at least twice a year with additional meetings as required


  • Review arrangements and procedures for admissions annually;
  • Review admissions criteria on an annual basis in line with local considerations and government guidelines.
  • Make recommendations to the Governing Body on the admissions criteria and ensure appropriate consultations are conducted in line with statutory requirements.
  • Consider and determine applications under the Exceptional Circumstances Criteria.
  • Review arrangements for Admissions Appeals on an annual basis.


Human Resources

Committee meets three times a year


  • Approve the staffing structure, number of staff and the level of the posts on an annual basis and have strategic oversight of the staffing budget.
  • Establish a Pay Policy for all staff categories and be responsible for the administration and review of this policy.
  • Set and review the pay of all teaching and associate staff in line with legal requirements and the pay policy; decide payments in respect of dismissal or resignation (including early retirement and redundancies).
  • Consider recommendations from the Headteacher in relation to performance related pay for all teaching and associate staff, with the exception of leadership and UPS progression which is delegated to the Senior Pay Committee.
  • Consider ongoing recruitment and retention issues and forming Action Plans as required.
  • Establish, monitor and review procedures in line with national agreements/guidance for appraisal, capability, discipline, grievance, pay appeals, safer recruitment, staff development and workforce reform; take appropriate steps to inform staff of procedures.
  • Take the lead in Interview Panels as determined in the Safer Recruitment Procedure (individual governors).
  • Focus on relevant School Improvement Plan (SIP) and SEF areas; monitor and evaluate progress towards identified priorities.
  • Nominate named governors to monitor and review annual areas of SIP focus as deemed appropriate, safeguarding and safer recruitment arrangements.
  • Receive updates on local and national initiatives, changes in the law and educational/employment policy as appropriate.
  • Approve and review all  personnel related policies in line with statutory requirements and other recommendations; monitor the implementation and impact of the review schedule.

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