17:33 PM - 16 Jul 2018

Retweeted From The Globe Players

We enjoyed our first visit to today with Macbeth for year 7!

08:38 AM - 10 Jul 2018

Thank you to the brilliant () for an enjoyable and engaging lecture on yesterday morning!

06:51 AM - 9 Jul 2018

Retweeted From ChildrensBookProject

This is wonderful! A huge thank you to the generous families at - an amazing array of books and some fabulous summer reading for children with few books of their own. Thank you for sharing your stories ☀️☀️☀️

14:51 PM - 6 Jul 2018

Wishing the very best of luck to our students doing their Silver treks this weekend. You'll be great! Lots of water and sunscreen needed!

14:49 PM - 6 Jul 2018

Retweeted From Alex B

Thanks so much to Hinchley Wood Primary and for the 177 amazing books donated to this morning! All will now be sorted and distributed to primary schools across London. 📚📚📚

08:16 AM - 6 Jul 2018

We are looking forward to ’s lecture to the Year 10 cohort on Monday on of the Flies.

09:01 AM - 4 Jul 2018

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our brand new Year 7 students to school today. They have a busy day ahead of them!

16:35 PM - 2 Jul 2018

The final trek has been done, the Severn Bridge has been crossed and we are on our way back home after a grand practice weekend, ready for the big one next week! The students have done marvellously well in challenging temperatures - well done everyone!

17:03 PM - 1 Jul 2018

A great day trekking, if not a tad warm!

15:14 PM - 30 Jun 2018

Our silver Duke of Edinburgh team are busy setting up their tents!

Sixth Form Admissions September 2018


If you would like to find out whether you can make a late application, please contact Fiona Gravette via: or call 020 8398 7161 ex 176.  


Official enrolment for starting in September 2018 takes place on Thursday 23 August 2018 (GCSE results day) from 10.00 am in the Sixth Form Centre.  Full details for enrolment can be viewed on the Enrolment 2018 page of this website - click here for direct link.



Please see left hand column for a copy of the Prospectus and Admissions Criteria for entry in September 2018.

Please note:  there is no specified catchment area for entry to Hinchley Wood Sixth Form.

General enquiries regarding Hinchley Wood Sixth Form admissions should be made to Fiona Gravette, Sixth Form Co-ordinator -