18:27 PM - 17 Jul 2020

The winner of the 2019-20 House Competition is... Nightingale!

09:17 AM - 17 Jul 2020

“Who will be crowned as House Champions 2019/20!? The results are in… All will be revealed at 13.30 on Friday!”

11:07 AM - 16 Jul 2020

“Y6s joining us in September have all been sent a special letter in the post today. It contains a postcard introducing them to their new form tutor and a scratch-card to reveal which house they’ll be representing at Hinchley Wood”

08:34 AM - 16 Jul 2020

Well done and thank you for the delicious looking entries for our Languages Food Competition - particularly to Phoebe, Francesca, Yasmin , Danie for his Madeleines and Mia for Brownies! Also, a big well done to Joshua for his wonderfully imaginative ideas!

08:31 AM - 16 Jul 2020

“Wonderful work from Amelia in Year 10 on the Topic of Civil Rights in the USA 1950-75. A brilliant example for all Y10 History students to consider!”

15:05 PM - 9 Jul 2020

"More filming at HWS today to welcome our students back in September"

11:44 AM - 8 Jul 2020

“Congratulations to Zara, Emily and Sofia in Y7 who made a quite brilliant video acting out a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream this week. Fantastic work!”

10:25 AM - 8 Jul 2020

"Camila has shown her creativity on the task to re-create the alphabet through photography! Wonderful Work! Well done Camila."

10:18 AM - 8 Jul 2020

“Some more wonderful work from Maddi in Y7 who has been creative with her take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

08:32 AM - 8 Jul 2020

"Kicking off our Wonderful Work Wednesday is Martha in Yr 7 with some fantastic work in science"


Surrey residents who applied online will have received an email from Surrey County Council about the outcome of their application in the evening of 2nd March 2020.  Applicants living in other areas will receive notification from their Local Authority. 

The school will be sending a letter to all successful applicants by 2nd class post on Tuesday 3rd March to confirm their place at Hinchley Wood School.  Included with the letter is a reply slip which we ask parents to return to the school in addition to their response to the Local Authority online.

Further information about secondary school transfer to Hinchley Wood School for September 2020 can be found under Joining Us from the main menu on this website.

Waiting Lists

Unsuccessful applicants who put Hinchley Wood School as a higher preference than the school they have been allocated are automatically placed on the waiting list by Surrey Schools Admissions.  If you no longer wish to be on the waiting list (for example, you have a place at an independent school) please email your local authority and they will remove you from the list.

The waiting list will be finalised on Wednesday 25th March.  Unfortunately, due to school closure in respect of the Covid-19 situation, the school admissions team will be working remotely from home and therefore unable to take calls regarding an applicant's position on the waiting list.  The school will not be publishing waiting positions by post or email.  The admissions team will be liaising with Surrey Schools Admissions regarding places to be offered from the waiting list and parents will be contacted by the Local Authority if their child is to be offered a place.  Please note that this will take longer than usual as members of staff at Surrey School Admissions are also working remotely from home.

Unsuccessful applicants will have been allocated a place at another school which should be accepted if alternative arrangements for the child’s education have not been made.  Should a place at Hinchley Wood School from the waiting list be offered at any point during the coming months, parents can then inform the other school that they are not going to take up the place there.

In the event that we are unable to offer a place, there is an appeals procedure that gives a parent the right of appeal to an independent committee.  If you would like to lodge an appeal please contact Mrs E Walsh, Clerk to the Governors, Hinchley Wood School, Claygate Lane, Hinchley Wood, Surrey KT10 0AQ or by Thursday 2nd April in the first instance.  Parents who have informed the school of their intent to appeal will be able to download the necessary forms and guidance notes from the Surrey County Council website:  Please note that the completed forms must be returned by Friday 15th May 2020.  Please note any forms will have to be submitted online or sent in scanned form via email as Surrey School Appeals Service are unable to access postal copies.  Currently no appeal dates are being arranged, including those for September 2020 entry, but Surrey School Appeals Service are awaiting DfE advice as to how to proceed and any impact on appeals and timescales.

If you have any questions about the appeals process please email Mrs E Walsh, Clerk to the Governors at