19:00 PM - 8 Dec 2023

"This week, we have been collecting food and toiletry items which have been donated to the Kingston Food Bank - approximately 600 items were brought in by students. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported this worthy cause and helped brighten up someone else’s Christmas!"

19:00 PM - 4 Dec 2023

Our Year 10 students are showing real enthusiasm with their current A2 self-portrait work and looking at creating 'reductive charcoal' in layers. Using the grid technique for accuracy, they covered their work with crushed charcoal and then used a rubber to bring out the light.

08:00 AM - 4 Dec 2023

17:39 PM - 1 Dec 2023

"Well done to Holly, Henry and Tristan in Year 7, who are pictured here showing off their pendants and key tags. They finished working on their pieces this week in their Design & Technology class!"

17:21 PM - 30 Nov 2023

"The 'Splendid' Government Inspector was a fantastic performance for all on the Yr12/13 Drama Trip to The Plesance Theatre, Islington. A brilliantly Brechtian performance of politics, parody and paranoia kept us entertained and exasperated in equal measure!"

13:00 PM - 30 Nov 2023

18:05 PM - 28 Nov 2023

"Frantic Assembly's long-awaited Metamorphosis at The Yvonne Arnaud last Thursday night for all Drama Students in KS4 and 5. It was a challenging and dynamic play - lots to analyse and evaluate, a brilliant experience for all!"

18:03 PM - 28 Nov 2023

16:11 PM - 27 Nov 2023

15:54 PM - 27 Nov 2023

Pastoral Care

Hinchley Wood adopts a holistic approach to pastoral care, encouraging our students to achieve their potential in all aspects of their lives. The HWS core values reflect this - throughout their time at Hinchley Wood (and beyond) the school strives to help all students to be: confident, considerate, determined, enthusiastic and independent.

Form tutors are key, constant supporters in a student’s school life, who, wherever possible, will move with the tutor group as they progress through the school.  Form groups meet twice a day for morning (10 Minutes) and afternoon (20 minutes) registration and join the rest of the year group for a weekly assembly.

Registration/form times are an important part of the school day - as well as monitoring attendance and general progress, it is an opportunity for form tutors to catch up with students and support them with any issues that may have arisen; it also tends to be a time when firm friendships and relationships are formed.

In addition to specific lessons at Key Stage 3 and enrichment days, the Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) Programme runs during weekly Tutor times throughout the school year and provides students with a forum for gaining and developing knowledge and understanding of the issues affecting young people, both as individuals and members of the wider community.

As well as the Tutor, Head of Learning and Key Stage Student Support Co-ordinators - Mrs Ramnauth and Ms Misto, the EWMH Teamis a team of adults who offer support for individuals and groups of students through emotional wellbeing and mental health sessions.  Some of the people on this team include, Ms Stevenson (DDSL and Wellbeing Mentor for Young Carers and CLA/PCLA students), Ms Bates (Body Confidence and Identity Coach), Miss Rebai (ELSA), Mrs Trafford-Dear (Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead) and Mrs Cullen (DSL and Senior Mental Health Lead).  Support is offered during term time and accessed through your child’s Tutor or Head of Learning, in the first instance.

'Help with Something'
We acknowledge that at any time students may need to access extra help and might not know who best to ask. If you are a student at HWS and would like help from a member of staff at school - please click on the link below for more information:

'Help with Something' - further information 

Or, if you prefer, in school we also have a 'Help With Something' box located on the wall just along from Student Reception near the Safeguarding offices.  You can fill out a request card, put it in the box and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Outside of term time and working school hours, we would encourage students who may need someone to talk to, to access support from:

Childline: Call 08001111     Web address:

YoungMinds Text 85258


Please see the menu on the left for further information OR click on the following links: Pastoral Care Who's Who - The Pastoral Care Journey