Pastoral Care

Hinchley Wood adopts a holistic approach to pastoral care, encouraging our students to achieve their potential in all aspects of their lives. The HWS core values reflect this - throughout their time at Hinchley Wood (and beyond) the school strives to help all students to be: confident, considerate, determined, enthusiastic and independent.

Form tutors are key, constant supporters in a student’s school life, who, wherever possible, will move with the tutor group as they progress through the school.  Form groups meet twice a day for morning (10 Minutes) and afternoon (20 minutes) registration and join the rest of the year group for a weekly assembly.

Registration/form times are an important part of the school day - as well as monitoring attendance and general progress, it is an opportunity for form tutors to catch up with students and support them with any issues that may have arisen; it also tends to be a time when firm friendships and relationships are formed.

In addition to specific lessons at Key Stage 3 and enrichment days, the Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) Programme runs during weekly Tutor times throughout the school year and provides students with a forum for gaining and developing knowledge and understanding of the issues affecting young people, both as individuals and members of the wider community.

As well as the Tutor, Head of Learning and Key Stage Student Support Co-ordinators - Mrs. Ramnauth and Ms. Nicholls, the EWMH Team, is a growing team of adults who offer support for individuals and groups of students through emotional wellbeing and mental health sessions. Some of the people on this team include Ms. Raj (Relational Support Worker), Ms. Stevenson (DDSL and Wellbeing Mentor for Young Carers and LAC/PLAC students), Mr. Philips (Pastoral Coach), Ms. Bates (Body Confidence and Identity Coach), Mrs. Israel (ELSA), Mr. Fontana and Miss. Dear (Learning Mentors).  Support is offered during term time and accessed through your child’s Tutor or Head of Learning, in the first instance.

Outside of term time and working school hours, we would encourage students who may need someone to talk to, to access support from:

Childline: Ring 08001111

YoungMinds Text 85258


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