19:00 PM - 8 Dec 2023

"This week, we have been collecting food and toiletry items which have been donated to the Kingston Food Bank - approximately 600 items were brought in by students. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported this worthy cause and helped brighten up someone else’s Christmas!"

19:00 PM - 4 Dec 2023

Our Year 10 students are showing real enthusiasm with their current A2 self-portrait work and looking at creating 'reductive charcoal' in layers. Using the grid technique for accuracy, they covered their work with crushed charcoal and then used a rubber to bring out the light.

08:00 AM - 4 Dec 2023

17:39 PM - 1 Dec 2023

"Well done to Holly, Henry and Tristan in Year 7, who are pictured here showing off their pendants and key tags. They finished working on their pieces this week in their Design & Technology class!"

17:21 PM - 30 Nov 2023

"The 'Splendid' Government Inspector was a fantastic performance for all on the Yr12/13 Drama Trip to The Plesance Theatre, Islington. A brilliantly Brechtian performance of politics, parody and paranoia kept us entertained and exasperated in equal measure!"

13:00 PM - 30 Nov 2023

18:05 PM - 28 Nov 2023

"Frantic Assembly's long-awaited Metamorphosis at The Yvonne Arnaud last Thursday night for all Drama Students in KS4 and 5. It was a challenging and dynamic play - lots to analyse and evaluate, a brilliant experience for all!"

18:03 PM - 28 Nov 2023

16:11 PM - 27 Nov 2023

15:54 PM - 27 Nov 2023

Vision and Values

Our vision for Hinchley Wood School is that every student receives their entitlement to a well-rounded education in a well organised, professional and stimulating school.  

We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to help every child to be successful in their learning both inside and outside the classroom.  We look to inspire our learners in everything we do and we strive to ensure that we offer a curriculum which delivers a breadth of subjects allowing students to develop intellectually and creatively. Our strong academic core reflects high ambition for all students including those with additional needs.  We also aim to promote positivity and enjoyment of physical fitness and sport so that everyone finds their way to access this.  

A key aspect of our vision is that Hinchley Wood is a safe and welcoming place to be educated and work.  We invest time and resources in ensuring that the wellbeing of our staff and students is protected.   Our culture is built around our HWS values and ethos which set high expectations for all members of our school community.  Our values of determination, independence, enthusiasm, confidence and consideration are actively promoted and run through our work each day.  Every Year 7 student reflects on the values at the end of their first year when they complete their HWS Diploma and our thriving House System offers many ways to develop the values whilst taking part in a huge variety of activities which again offer opportunities for students to experience things beyond the taught curriculum. This is further enhanced by a range of enrichment days, trips and residential both in the UK and abroad.   

The value that we place on our staff cannot be overstated – they allow this vision to come off the page into reality.  Their knowledge, skills and positivity are what makes Hinchley Wood such an excellent and vibrant school.  To really see this vision in action take a look at our newsletters and you will see what happens every day in our school – all made possible by staff who are committed and enthusiastic and by students who display positivity, a willingness to learn and try new things. Whatever a child’s strengths, starting points or interests, we aim for them to fulfil their potential, to enjoy school and to know that they are part of a caring community where they matter and where they are valued.