17:41 PM - 15 Oct 2021

Parents/Carers of students receiving SEND support - please see the new Parent Programme for Nov & Dec on the SEND page. We hope some interesting topics for discussion and look forward to seeing you there.


15:02 PM - 24 Sep 2021

Year 9 drama club working with Lily from YPSofActing on how to perform a monologue focusing on character objectives https://t.co/WxhV9T5O0K


15:52 PM - 16 Jul 2021

Henry Jekyll (Jekyll and Hyde) by Isabella in Y10 https://t.co/ssAwZdXH1w

09:15 AM - 6 Jul 2021

“Parents/Carers of new Y7s in September – please look out for a communication from Mr Jacks this week about our Virtual ‘Question Time’ event for students on Monday 19th July. We are so looking forward to greeting all of new joiners soon!”

08:37 AM - 22 Jun 2021

"We are so proud of Morgan in Year 13 who has shared his experiences with the Metro newspaper. He is an inspiration to the younger LGBTQ+ community. We hope to be able to continue to develop our Leaders in Diversity group to build on his great work" https://t.co/QPlgpnwZQH


13:01 PM - 15 Jun 2021

"Our Art & DT department are now on Instagram! Please follow them at: https://t.co/LuJRCR0Utp https://t.co/0s9WgqWg8Q


11:34 AM - 9 Jun 2021

"For June we have changed the school logo colours to rainbow in support of Pride month" https://t.co/QNqycpvPt6


12:49 PM - 8 Jun 2021

“We are beginning visits to meet with primary school teachers of all new Y7s in Sept 2021 today. Parents/Carers of new joiners in Sept, please keep an eye out for an email coming this week regarding login details for the Virtual Parents/Carers’ Y6 Transition Info Event 17th June. https://t.co/V1aOG9vuZU


12:44 PM - 8 Jun 2021

Retweeted From HWS House System

Diversity Month is underway, with our new House challenges starting today! https://t.co/arNjTWXRv5


12:44 PM - 8 Jun 2021

Retweeted From HWS House System

Our first round of the HWS Bake Off is now live! https://t.co/E838skVDXr



Hinchleywood dislaimer logo centred cmyk


Open Evening 

Thank you to those of you who attended our new format Open Evening on
 22 September, we hope you enjoyed your visit and were well informed by what we offered in our scaled down version of the evening.

In addition to the evening and for those who did not attend, please see a variety of information videos below which we hope will answer any questions you may have.

Due to current levels of Covid-19 in the area, unfortunately we are unable to offer tours of the school during the school day as in previous years.

Thank you


Welcome from the CEO of the Hinchley Wood Learning Partnership

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Headteachers' Speech

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A Day in the Life at HWS

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Admissions Presentation

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Student Q & A

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English at Hinchley Wood School

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Maths at Hinchley Wood School

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SEND Information

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Year 7 Induction Video (recorded in June 2021)

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