19:00 PM - 8 Dec 2023

"This week, we have been collecting food and toiletry items which have been donated to the Kingston Food Bank - approximately 600 items were brought in by students. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported this worthy cause and helped brighten up someone else’s Christmas!"

19:00 PM - 4 Dec 2023

Our Year 10 students are showing real enthusiasm with their current A2 self-portrait work and looking at creating 'reductive charcoal' in layers. Using the grid technique for accuracy, they covered their work with crushed charcoal and then used a rubber to bring out the light.

08:00 AM - 4 Dec 2023

17:39 PM - 1 Dec 2023

"Well done to Holly, Henry and Tristan in Year 7, who are pictured here showing off their pendants and key tags. They finished working on their pieces this week in their Design & Technology class!"

17:21 PM - 30 Nov 2023

"The 'Splendid' Government Inspector was a fantastic performance for all on the Yr12/13 Drama Trip to The Plesance Theatre, Islington. A brilliantly Brechtian performance of politics, parody and paranoia kept us entertained and exasperated in equal measure!"

13:00 PM - 30 Nov 2023

18:05 PM - 28 Nov 2023

"Frantic Assembly's long-awaited Metamorphosis at The Yvonne Arnaud last Thursday night for all Drama Students in KS4 and 5. It was a challenging and dynamic play - lots to analyse and evaluate, a brilliant experience for all!"

18:03 PM - 28 Nov 2023

16:11 PM - 27 Nov 2023

15:54 PM - 27 Nov 2023

Other Items of Interest

Summer Reading List

With the summer holidays upon us, and whether you are sitting on a beach or on your sofa, you will want a good book to dip into.  If you like to read for pleasure or want to start doing so, the LRC (Learning Resource Centre/ library) staff recommends the following:-

  1. Emma Raducanu by Sally Morgan.  Find out the inside story of one of our greatest tennis stars.  We also have similar titles on Sir Andy Murray and Serena Williams.  Good for years 7+.
  2. Until the Road Ends by Phil Earle.  A moving WW 2 tale by one of the LRC’s favourite authors.  Peggy and her pet dog are separated when she is evacuated out of London.  But is this is a permanent separation?  Year 7+
  3. Legendborn by Tracy Deonn.  The first in a new YA fantasy series.  How will 16 year old Bree deal with her mum’s death and her own burgeoning magical powers?  We also have book 2, Bloodmarked.  Year 9+.
  4. Regretting by Colleen Hoover.  A gripping family drama that only Tik Tok author legend, Hoover, could write.  Several other titles by the same author available in the RC.  Year 9+ mostly.
  5. Swift and Hawk: Cyberspies by Logan Macx. An action packed adventure story about teen experts in AI and robotics, the eponymous Swift and Hawk.  We also have part 2 of the series.  Year 7 plus.
  6. The Thing: The Next Big Thing by Walter Mosley.  In the mood for a new graphic? Follow ‘the Thing’ through the streets of New York City.  Year 7+
  7. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.  Girl gets sent to Paris by her dad, as one does.  Speaks no French, and meets a boy who does.  Year 9+.
  8. A Really Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. Fancy learning something about time, space and life on Earth without even trying?  If so, please try this beautifully illustrated book.  Due to size, more of an indoor read.  Year 7+.
  9. The Art Book, Big Ideas Simply Explained.  Dorling Kindersley.  This book is not only a feast for the eyes because of its reproductions of well known paintings, but it also full of interesting facts about artists and painting techniques.  If you are planning to visit a gallery over the holidays, or are just interested in art in general, try this.  Year 7+.
  10. The Secret History by Donna Tartt.  Having just celebrated its 30th birthday (and still in print), this is the ultimate holiday read.  Find out what happens to a group of students at an elite USA uni who come under the influence of an alternative thinking professor.  Year 11+.